Everyone has a signature dish. That go-to meal you've committed to memory you can whip up whenever you want to impress someone, or quench a craving.

To promote the outstanding quality of produce from our island we invited ten of your favourite home cooks and chefs from around Australia to share their own Signature Dish.

The invitation came in the form of a personalised handcrafted ceramic plate. For our most influential foodies to participate in our campaign they simply had to share a post on social media of themselves with their portrait Signature Dish.

As thanks for their eagerness to share their culinary greatness, each ambassador was sent a curated box highlighting some of the most sought after ingredients caught and sourced from around our extraordinary island and pristine waters.

Our ambassadors all cooked up a storm with their Signature Dish featuring a hero Tasmanian ingredient shared far and wide via their social media communities.

Missed a recipe? Fear not! All our ambassador recipes can be downloaded here to replicate at home and let your tastebuds revel in the greatness of Tasmanian produce…and maybe become your own new Signature Dish.

Bon appetit from Tasmania!

Our Signature Dish Ambassadors

More about Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen

More about Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Justine Schofield

Lucy Tweed

Massimo Mele

Mitch Orr

Morgan McGlone

Phoebe Wood

Sofia Levin

Tom Walton

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