Trade with us and experience the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary.

In Tasmania, we protect our environment. We draw on our culture of invention and enterprise. As a result, everything we grow and make here is different.

Antarctic and Southern Ocean

If you want experts to support your Antarctic expedition you need Tasmanians. If you are looking for port and airport infrastructure to launch your flights or ships, you need Hobart, Australia’s gateway to Antarctica.

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Tasmanians have a culture of solving problems and inventing new solutions, in everything from mining equipment to simulations. For decades, we have been applying these solutions to the defence industry where craft, precision, safety, strength, and sophistication matter

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Food, beverage and agribusiness

Tasmanians breathe some of the world’s cleanest air. We enjoy rainwater of exceptional purity and our soils are unusually rich and fertile. Tasmanians focus on quality – on growing and producing delicious food and beverages, and creating super fine wool.

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Forest products

Tasmanian forests are the ultimate renewable. The forestry sector is managed by strict environmental and sustainability principles and requirements. It carefully balances the preservation of this valuable natural resource while supporting an industry that provides wood and timber products globally.

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When something is made in Tasmania, it’s lighter, stronger, faster, safer, smarter, durable, and more delicious. Our bespoke machine shops, our factories, and our processors are filled with Tasmanians who are obsessed with an ethic and a focus that too many have forgotten: the primacy of craft.

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Mining and mineral processing

Tasmania is among the most mineral-rich places on the planet. We can extract critical minerals for the future. We have smelters and processers powered by renewable energy and a culture that privileges hard work, new ideas, safety, technological innovation, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Tasmanian maritime capabilities are wide and competitive. We design, we research, we educate, we cooperate, we build.

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Tasmania is our workshop, a perfect place to try, to fail, to try again and to keep at it. With the encouragement and support of our collaborators and friends, we create better experiences for people around the world.

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